Welcome To TTPG

Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group

The Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group is proud to represent individuals who are working to conserve turtles and tortoise through captive breeding. In addition to working toward our goal of establishing assurance colonies of all species, the TTPG is devoted to providing education and information to all turtle keepers, from beginners to advanced, young reptile enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the conservation of turtles and tortoises. We also help find homes for pet turtles and tortoises who need new homes and rehabilitation .

Mission Statement

The mission of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) is to ensure survival of the world’s turtles and tortoises through captive breeding. The TTPG supports the private ownership of chelonians and recognizes the substantial role that the private sector has played in the captive breeding and conservation of turtles and tortoises.

TTPG members have specialized knowledge and expertise on the captive care and breeding of chelonians obtained through education, research, and practical knowledge gained from years of experience in maintaining and breeding chelonians. The TTPG will share knowledge and educate individuals and organizations regarding captive care, husbandry, health, breeding, and conservation of chelonians. Members will pursue and encourage legal, ethical, and moral efforts to prevent extinction of turtle and tortoise species. The TTPG recognizes that captive breeding reduces the pressure on wild populations and provides assurance colonies for species threatened in the wild due to habitat loss, disease, or natural disasters.

Members will share information on captive care and breeding of chelonians through their annual conference, speaking at herpetological societies, articles, and their newsletter. The TTPG recognizes as a group we can accomplish more than any one individual and can ensure that turtle and tortoise species survive for future generations.