The International Turtle and Tortoise Week Countdown

If you’re a turtle and tortoise enthusiast, you'll be excited to hear that International Turtle and Tortoise Week is only a few weeks away! International Turtle and Tortoise Week is a full week of appreciating, understanding and celebrating the turtles and tortoises of the world. Get ready to eat, sleep, and breath turtles (not literally). We’re going to flood you with facts about chelonians that come from all around the world. Hopefully it will open your eyes to see turtles and tortoises like you never have before The week of April 18-24 we’ll have daily newsletters and social media posts ALL ABOUT TURTLES AND TORTOISES. By the time it’s all through, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about the glory of turtles and tortoises, and how you can strive to live your life like one of these animal super stars.

Calling all Educators!

In celebration of ITTW, Zoo Med and the TTPG are pleased to bring you our FREE Turtle and Tortoise Learning Package!

As we prepare for this event that’s just a few weeks away, we are calling to all educators to register for our FREE learning material pdfs, posters, and stickers! If you teach a class, scout group, aquarium club, after-school program, 4H club, or other organization, then these materials are for you! Once you register, you’ll have access to an electronic Turtle and Tortoise Lesson Plan, engaging puzzles, animal care guides, games, craft activities, and more, all to help you show your students how wonderful turtles and tortoises can be. To receive the learning material, simply follow this link:

This year we’re excited to announce the learning materials will be available in Spanish too!

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